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Music Origins Project is a website documenting the history and future of music (and other related art forms), with an initial focus on electronic music (Detroit Techno) related genres that emerged from Detroit. View This presentation for an overview of how we are engaging students and teaching students “STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills via the compelling medium of MUSIC.

This site is a searchable, educational virtual museum offering informed dialogue and “primary sources” demonstrating the cultural origins of musical art forms along with other forms of geolocated multimedia documentation.

A Google Map identifying the cultural regions and specific locations that were important to the origins of various musical art forms will be the lens for the exploration of each art form.

Using Google Maps App, Google Cardboard (App) and Cardboard Virtual Googles students around the world will be able to view locations in Virtual Reality. They will also be able to view, interact with, and submit their own 3D models into Google Earth.

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