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Google, Marksmen Guerrilla Production Network, The Detroit Sound Project and The Music Origins Project Partner to Teach STEAM Skills to Youth through Music

You Visit VR Googles on student participating in music origins project classDavid Grandison Jr, instructional technologist and the founder of the Music Origins Project (co-founder on Detroit Sound Project), has partnered with Mark Hines and Marksmen Guerrilla Production Network team to offer their compelling and cutting edge educational experiences using VR and inexpensive mobile technology to underserved urban students.

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The Marksmen production team has been involved in the design, development, implementation and program execution on educational projects  around the country, from Cornell University to Horace Mann High School, and the Police Athletic League in NY. Marksmen is currently collaborating with the artist Sanford Biggers on a interactive transmedia exhibition with an educational component that will be hosted in Detroit’s MOCAD museum.

Sanford is a recipient of the 2015 Joyce Award where he will partner with MOCAD, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Detroit and Moon Medicin in a new multidisciplinary work called “Subjective Cosmology.” It will begin with a yearlong interaction with Detroit’s art and music communities, and culminate in an exhibition in Fall 2016.

Electric Roots Poster 2

Poster from the Cannes Film Festival pick Electric Roots

Our teams are joining forces to promote and implement programs that practice project-based education on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) concepts with an emphasis on integrating Arts & Engineering. Our programs offer students cutting edge 21st century skills that extend learning into areas of video editing, music programming, 3D modeling, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). Most projects have been designed to be completed by students with inexpensive mobile tools. We have developed a variety of types of curriculums and our team is currently piloting custom curated programs like the, Detroit Sound Project that focus on the interests and needs of urban youth in underserved cities like Detroit. This project is challenging students to create and geolocate video, and primary sources to create virtual museums on music history using short films like Electric Roots and TechnoMecca as models and members of each production team as mentors. We hope to expose youth to computer programming, and transmedia techniques used in video and music production, and through our partnership with Marksmen we hope to extend the curricular offerings of the Music Origins Project into new areas of media production.  Mark and his team currently have a variety of unique multimedia production courses, like “Mechanics of the Mash-up”, available via iTunes U and other offerings available via DubSpot.

Here are a few examples of the programs developed by the Marksmen Guerrilla Production Network that we can offer participants in the Music Origins Project:


Is an educational company that bridges the gap between the current curriculum in schools
and the immediate need for schools to prepare students for future STEM opportunities.

They offer schools, community organizations, and parents, solutions to prepare their students for future STEM opportunities through project based learning and explorations using the tools The Music Origins Curriculum offers. They have partnered with us to implement the Music Origins Curriculum in Harlem schools as afterschool and summer programs. Yvonne Thevenot, is the director of STEM Kids NYC, who has partnered with us to offer our curriculum in her after-school and summer camp programs. Among other awards, Yvonne has been nominated as a 2016 PBS Learning Media Digital Innovator.

CHHC – Hip Hop Culture Curriculum


The acclaimed, DJ, and Marksmen producer, Rich Medina, is a developer of the Hip Hop Culture curriculum Cornell University. He is also an Advisory Board Member and lecturer for the program.

Rich Medina’s Fela Tribute, JUMP N FUNK (JNF) operates as mobile, immersive interactive event with the mantra “Party to Learn, and Learn to Party”. Medina’s music and the visual remixes provided by Mark Hines have been featured around the world, and in esteemed cultural institutions such as The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Art in Houston, as well as, the Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Music Festival and dance floors of Winter Music Conference in Miami.

Through it’s signature high energy events, which blend AfroBeat, Soul & House music, and Live instrumentalists, with compelling video rarities from across the Black Diaspora , JNF parties are the ultimate culture mashup. The exclusive remixes and mashups Medina and partner, The Marksmen, share with eager fans make each JUMP N FUNK immersive exploration of the Afrobeat sound.

DubSpot – DJ & Production Curriculum

Rich Medina & The Marksmen have created courses for Dubspot, one of the world’s leading schools for electronic music production, DJing and performance, with campuses in New York City, Los Angeles and other locations around the world. Owner Dan Giove, original staff DJ OPMiller, DJ Kiva, Emch, DJ Reborn & Chris Annabell, and Marc De Clive Lowe are all close affiliates of the Marksmen Network.

Berkeley School of Music – Drum & Rhythm Workshops – Swiss Chris

World famous drummer and Marksmen educator, Swiss Chris. Chris writer of Modern Drum Set Stickings, a #1 Bestselling Drum & Percussion Book, weaves a unique exploration of the Rhythm methods of ancient cultures as a curriculum.

Here’s an Example of a music “Mash-Up” by Swiss Chris:

Universal Zulu Nation Tribute – “Planet Rock” is a 1982 song by Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force Re-Sampled and Re-mixed, Re-Programmed from the original arranged for young break dancers (Zulu Youth bboys) and a modern American Marching Band (DCI Style) playing Ruff/Drag
Swiss Chris – Planet Rock Zulu Nation Tribute.

Raised in underserved cities themselves, the developers of these programs have a passion and in-depth understanding of ways to make learning STEAM skills fun and compelling for urban youth. Mark from Harlem, went on to attain a degree from Princeton University, and David, originally from Detroit, went on to attend Columbia University, Teachers College. These ivy league educated multimedia producers hope to provide mentoring and educational experiences that challenge urban students not only to pursue higher education, and careers in the tech industry, but to become “lifelong learners”. Our goal is use music, the “A”  in STEAM education, to provide educators with powerful and compelling project-based tools that empower, digitally savvy, urban youth to tell their own stories.


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