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The Music Origins Project

This project is geolocating the history and future of music…  Map markers identify cultural regions,  historic locations and venues where musical art forms originated and were incubated. This map will become the multimedia lens for the exploration of each art form.

This Site Works with Cardboard Virtual Reality Googles- More Info below Please spread the word out about the launch of the Music Origins Project educational program and take a look at our News page for updates on the project.

Music Origins Project aims to remove the chronological and geographic barriers faced by music aficionados, students and travelers seeking to learn about the origins of various musical genre. The site/blog is a searchable, index of the cultural origins of musical art forms along with geo-located multimedia primary sources music and crowdsourced commentary. This beta site has been created to pilot test the concept, as we iterate and improve the database.

Google Cardboard Animation

You can view locations in 3D via virtual reality (VR) tools like Google Cardboard virtual reality googles or the Cardboard App.  Just launch Google StreetView via the link on each marker. Listen to and learn about the musical style with our custom curated Spotify playlists on each genre. Our team is working to add more functionality to each marker every day so come back and visit us often. We are optimizing all the site on and ongoing basis to provide direct links to the VR tools. Search for the tag Virtual Reality to see which pages are optimized currently.

The Music Origins Project is challenging students to join the team and improve entries with more research. We are challenging them to research, add new locations to the map, and to define and document new and emerging genres of music. Students and music aficionados will be challenged to create unique virtual museums documenting locations important to each musical genre covered. We are also challenging students and volunteers to research musical genres to create documentary shorts, and mashup videos and post them along with musical samples, mixes, images and other “primary source” historic documents, to create multimedia “virtual museums” highlighting popular places and musical venues important to music history adding a compelling nuance to the existing body of musical knowledge.

We are challenging students to create 3D Models of building and locations important to music history using Google SketchUp a free 3D modeling tool to improve Science,Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Skills.

David Grandison Jr., the site’s founder and his production team, are currently piloting the project by documenting landmarks that are important to Detroit’s rich musical history as a transmedia complement to documentary film’s associated with TechnoMECCA: The Detroit Sound Project. Professional documentary projects on music or related art forms can contribute to the Music Origins Project and geo-locate their important points of interest as well.

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The Music Origins Project is managed by the TechnoMECCA: The Detroit Sound Project transmedia project team. All donations to the project will contribute to the maintenance of this site and educational projects associated with the film and site.


The Team

David Grandison Jr
Founder | Executive Producer | Curator


Andre Holmes
Producer | Graphic Designer


Veronica Grandison
Writer | Researcher


Liam Baum
Writer | Researcher


…and the Detroit Sound Project Team

  1. Andre Holmes says:

    The Music Origins Team looks forward to all of the music communities input and insights as we develop this complex but wonderful media platform. If you have suggestions or material that is relevant that shines a light upon any particular genre please we look forward to seeing or hearing your ideas.

  2. Greg Kirmser says:


    I am a big fan of the MOP as both a lover of music and content provider, and having studied musicology. I’m working now with Complex magazine on a brief history of house music. I am looking to clear some images for publication. Can you provide any information about copyright for the images from chicago, most importantly the image of the man standing outside of The Warehouse (http://musicorigins.com/2015/01/the-warehouse-the-place-where-house-music-got-its-name/)?
    Thanks for any information that you can provide.
    Greg Kirmser

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