The Premier of Peroration 6 at the Future of Storytelling Festival

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The Music Origins project founder David Grandison Jr. attended the world premier of Peroration 6 at the Future of Storytelling Festival. Here is a video he shot using our app (Culture Doc on the DIYdoc platform) providing an overview of the exhibit.

One of the most interesting music related exhibits was Peroration 6, a music experience featuring the band Floating Points. It is a 4D immersive  VR experience set in the middle of the expansive and desolate Utah desert. 360 Video and CGI compositing was used to create this 4D immersive performance. One of the London electronic music scene’s most forward-thinking artists, Sam Shepherd and his band Floating Points, brings to life this mesmerizing music performance that takes you on a journey that unleashes both natural and sci-fi elements that are out of this world.

Listen to the track Peroration 6

Learn more about The Future of Storytelling festival.

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Posted: October 16, 2017


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