Google partners with the Music Origins Project to Pioneer in Urban #VR and 360° Video Storytelling

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music origins Google2The Music Origins Project has embraced the amazing and technologically advanced tools coming out of Google Labs from the beginning. For almost 10 years our site has been built on the Google Maps platform so we trust the stability and iterative evolution  Google technology offers. We have experienced the benefits of adopting most of Google’s advances in Geolocation, Street Views VR, Video streaming via YouTube and everything in between early on to document the untold stories of urban culture and music so we are ecstatic that Google is empowering us with grants of first adopter tech. As veterans on Google tools we are psyched to announce Google is partnering with us to support our goals with the equipment we need, as well as, offering support in other ways. We are very thankful of the help of Google’s team and the leadership and assistance of, A. Banks our Google technology contact.

The global synergy that allows us to connect people and cultures through music is being recognized as powerful tool. The Music Origins Project model of tying together multiple original source  or open source media elements into a story documenting the origin stories of musical genres is being recognized. Our goal of teaching young people our storytelling methods is also being recognized. We are delighted continue to using tools like SketchUp, Google Docs, Google Earth and other free Google tools to enable youth to tell their own stories. Our curriculum  that is targeted at urban young people, to develop STEM skills, is being recognized because also resonates with Google’s missions.

In this polarized world, we are psyched, that Google saw our passion for music and education as a driving force to allow the Music Origins model to evolve, grow and continue to flourish. With the array of groundbreaking free products that we use as our teaching tools, Google has seen our vision and was kind enough to grant us 3 Ricoh Theta S  VR camera’s, at the beginning of the summer (2016) to help us document Funk Parade (2015) in Washington DC on the Historic Ust Corridor. The ability to shoot custom VR stories and geolocate them using Youtube and our map as well as the Street Views tool on our map and the ability to create new content for display on Google maps was a vital element our team needed to evolve our mission into 360° / VR video storytelling. This addition to our video tool set is enabling us to pursue our goal of advancing 360° / VR video storytelling and documenting how we do it, to teach and empower students to do it as well. We are working with the Marksmen Guerilla Production Network we are exploring the processes around VR footage ingestion workflows, editing and composting as well. Let’s make it clear we would not have been able to afford these cameras and to explore this space at this level without Google’s help.

To this end, we have be able to document a number of other historic music events and locations in 360° video in 2016. We have also traveled to the midwest, Detroit Michigan (the former home of our founder, David Grandison) to document the 10 yr Anniversary of The Movement Electronic Music Festival. This is a continuation of our process of documenting Detroit music for our film series, the Detroit Sound Project. In addition we documented the world’s only Techno Museum at Submerge Records in Detroit and a number of other historic locations in and around Detroit.

In addition, David Grandison Jr. will be headed to Kampala, Uganda and a number of other parts of East Africa, with the help of John Carlin of Red + Hot Organization and Alecia Keys and her We Are Here Movement Foundation, to pilot test and deploy the app he and John Carlin co-created called DIYdoc. We will be outfitting team members from Oxfam, War Child and the We are Here Movement with 15-20 iPhones smartphones so they can use our app to allow AIDs orphans and refugees to share the stories of their challenges and lifestyles with the world. This app is enabling another component of the Music Origins Project mission by allowing us to crowed source the creation of more music films, artists biographies and documentary shorts for the web site and project. We will be using the 360° Video cams Google provided to document the project and share the musical history we discover here.

So stay tuned for further collaborations…we will be working with Google’s education portals like The Cultural Institute and Google Expeditions we hope to show students the world and teach STEM skills through VR and music. We are have a number of teachers around the country and organizations teaching STEM skills, that are joining our team, so look for more student created media to be showcased in the 2016/2017 school year. Our ultimate goal of empowering musicians from around the world to tell their own stories and document their culture’s musical legacy. With the help of this STEM/technological Partnership being forged we at the Music Origins can only anticipate things to get bigger and better.

Biggest thanks to Google,

David Grandison Jr. and Andre Holmes